Born from the noble union of design and craftsmanship, the Tamarack traces its lineage to the birth of boarding itself. With a sunset gradient of rich mahogany and African padauk, this regal ride evokes the days when surfing was the sport of kings. A legendary beach demands a legendary board.


      All DeLauder Longboards come with our 30 day limited warranty. If our product comes with any factory defects in materials, glue or craftsmanship we will decide whether to repair or replace the item. DeLauder Longboards does not cover any normal wear, warping from exposure to water, sun or heat, impact defects or cracks, and intentional harm or breakage.


      DeLauder Longboards is driven to give our customers the best wooden longboard on the market. Our products are made from natural hard woods. This means the color, weight, grain, and flex will vary from in the finished board. Rest a sure our product are made from the highest quality woods and will match the shape and design of your choice.

    • SPECS

      Length: 42"

      Width: 9"

      Thickness: 11/16"

      Weight: 7 lbs (varies)

    Wheel / Deck Selection

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